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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why named GOD INC ADS WORK?

Answer: All Gods whether it is Lord Shiva, Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammad. Or it is the holy book Geeta, Bible, or Quran. All deliver the same message to humanity. Way of living life peacefully & Enlighten our self to reach the supreme lord. We believe in all Gods of all religions. We found GOD is an English term to specify all Gods in ONE word that is GOD. “We named our company God Inc Ads Work, where GOD INC means God is in co-operation with us & Ads Work = Advertisement Work. We started this company not just to make money but our aim with this company is to help poor people, animals, and the environment from the extra money generated from the business.

Q. What do you prefer more outdoor or digital marketing?

Answer: We prefer both. Both are outstanding ways of marketing to get your brand established in market. It depends on clients what they prefer.